Sunday, June 3, 2007

Crazy Week

Well this week is sure to be crazy! We are doing a fundraiser this week. Each ministry is raising money for their own needs.
We will all be doing this together as a church/Staff!
We are running,biking,walking 10 miles each day. We collected pledges to support us! Check daily to see my exhaustion report! We are biking the 10 miles becasue we will have our 20 month old and 4 year old with us! They will be riding behind us in a thing that our bike pulls.

We also Have this Week a Relay for life meeting! Only two more weeks until relay! whoo hoo! GO girls!

I also have a purse party with Cheryl at my house on Thursday! We sell legal really cute boutique purses for some extra cash!

And last but not least i fly out to Missiouri on Friday with some ladies for a friends wedding! While i'm gone my hubby has band practice the two kids, young marrieds small group at our house!

A full week ahead! Whoo hoo!

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