Saturday, October 13, 2007

Has it really been that long ?????

Hey well it's been a crazy end of summer and an amazing Fall this far. This is a fairly large post to catch everyone up on our journys.

Well Way back at the end of the summer we went to Cedar Point in Sandusky OH with my family. I grew up going there and love it so much! So my sister and all my nieces and nephews and well just abou the whole gang was there. Here are some pics.

Our Whole Family waiting to go in at 9:00 A.M and it's already 86 degrees!!!

Cousons Reece & Madalynne waiting to go on the Junior Gemeni

Connor awake and sissy passed out!!!

Well after that trip we drove the kids up north to go camping with friends of ours while Ben and I headed to Florida for a Worship Conference. Here is a pic or two of Ben and I and some of the kids camping. After we got back from Florida we went up north to Mackinaw and went camping with the kids!!! So much fun but we were so TIRED!!!

Ben & Rach In Florida

Connor playing in his pack and play with balloons!

Daddy & Madalynne

Mike, Su, and Madalynne

Who said Michigan doesn't have pretty beaches ? This is the view from Camping!

Some FUn Family Photos!

Then we had a big shock happen we got a call that Ben's mom was having emergency heart surgery. So we made arrangements for the kids and got on the next Flight to Atlanta. She ended up having a quadroople bypass! She is doing fine now and healing. We threw her a mini bday party in the hospital before her surgery.

Then while we were in Georgia and the kids were in Michigan a Tornado Hit!

Madalynne is officially in Pre-K! She loves it she is in 4 days a week! my big girl!

Spicers Orchard! We went and picked Apples and we went and got our family pumpkins!

So there is an update....Oh and I almost forgot if you have not heard we are having baby number 3 somtime next spring! I am about 11 weeks now!!! We have no idea if its a boy or girl but here are the names we have picked out:

Girl: Ellianna Rejoyce
Boy: Judah Benjamin

After all my medical problems this year we are so blessed to have this little one in our lives!
Thanks for looking at my long long long post!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow has it really been that long since i posted!

Okay well we have been super busy since the 4th of July. A trip to Florida , Cedar Point, a camping trip up North, Re arranging the whole worship team , tryouts, kids, Cookouts, Young Marrieds is back in gear. Wow i'm wore out thinking about our last few weeks!

Well anyways i am back to posting on a regular basis!

I will post pictures later from our journy!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

~~~~Fourth of July~~~~

Wow Thanks everyone for the was pouring down rain in the morning but the skys opened up for the parade..we passed out close to 12,000 popsicles, candy and tickets and got to talk to so many people about Jesus it was so fun!

Then with Severe thunderstorms in the forcast and the skys turning grey thousands of dollars of equipment and rides at stake God opened up the sky with a beautiful sunshine...NOT A SINGLE DROP FELL THE ENTIRE EVENT.

SO many lives were touched, so many found Jesus, so many people were loved and honored!


Whoever said moms can't have fun!

Some of the gals in the block at the parade. Passed out close to 10,000 tickets at the Parade!

Praying before we go out to Worship!

The Rain Free Grounds!!! Thank you Jesus!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trying to get a decent family photo....TRYING!!

So time after time we have failed at a studio to get a good picture so since Connor was born we do the pictures ourselves...Check them out!

A new Dress for Madalynne

So latley i've got a new addiction it's called SEWING!!! Kinda Crazy but pretty fun. I don't think i'm all that good but at least the outfit doesn't fall off of her. (well yet). If you look close you see flaws but that's okay because hey i'm learning.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

One great big family!

So i went home to Indiana for a short trip to see my brother his wife and 6 kids from Louisianna. All my family was there with the exception of my sister Sarah who was at a weeding in Florida and my husband who was home in Michigan.

Baby Elizabeth age 6 months now The other picture is her born 10 weeks early on CHristmas day.

My parents and my daughter Madalynne

All twelve Cousions under the same roof at one time!

My Little Man Connor age 20 months

My Niece Hannah Joy age 3

My Niece Abigail Grace age 7

My daughter Madalynne & Cousin Kylee

So i went home to Indiana for a short trip to see my brother his wife and 6 kids from Louisianna. All my family was there with the exception of my sister Sarah who was at a weeding in Florida and my husband who was home in Michigan.

Strawberry Picking & Cherry Picking

On Saturday we went to Spicers Orchard and picked some Strawberrys & Climbled in some trees for some Cherrys :) Here are some pictures below.
My attempt to get to the top of the cherry tree to get the most Ripe Cherrys

Angel & Lisa on the wagon to the strawberry Patch