Thursday, July 5, 2007

~~~~Fourth of July~~~~

Wow Thanks everyone for the was pouring down rain in the morning but the skys opened up for the parade..we passed out close to 12,000 popsicles, candy and tickets and got to talk to so many people about Jesus it was so fun!

Then with Severe thunderstorms in the forcast and the skys turning grey thousands of dollars of equipment and rides at stake God opened up the sky with a beautiful sunshine...NOT A SINGLE DROP FELL THE ENTIRE EVENT.

SO many lives were touched, so many found Jesus, so many people were loved and honored!


Whoever said moms can't have fun!

Some of the gals in the block at the parade. Passed out close to 10,000 tickets at the Parade!

Praying before we go out to Worship!

The Rain Free Grounds!!! Thank you Jesus!!


crickl said...

I'm so glad it went well! Sounds like a great event...I hope it does a lot of outreaching for your church!

Loved the pics too!

blackpurl said...

Praise God!

Great photos and it certainly looks like everyone had a great time!