Saturday, June 2, 2007

Our Lives of worship

Why do church memebers have to argue over silly things. Why can't we just love like God has called us to.
I'm so tired of people critisizing the music and saying if you have lights that's not worship and it's not respectful, if you have videos it's not respectful or it's not "church" if you do this and's not worship.

Well I'm so tired of it and i just want people to know that worship is a lifestyle, the way we walk, talk, brethe, our every action is worship. NOT THE SONG SERVICE.

I came to the realazation that we are not "Worship Pastors" We are just tools in Gods hand that are orchastrating something so Great....the privelage and honor of ushering in his prescense!

Its not about what songs are played or the lights or anything it's about giving people the opportunity to sacrafice something so big in their day, themselves and lay it at our Daddys feet!

Just remember sacrafice should cost you something otherwise it's not sacrafice.

Love God today with everything. Thank him for all the blessings he has given you. The air, your house, your family!

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